Aligni ActiveQuote

Welcome to Aligni's ActiveQuote - a modern method to liberate quoting activities from the inefficiency of email and improve communication between you and your customer. ActiveQuote provides a consistent platform for your customers to request and review quotes from you and other suppliers. When your customers are happy and efficient, you will be too!

You’re probably here because you received an email from one of your customers with a link to an Aligni ActiveQuote.  To help you understand ActiveQuote, it’s best to explain how the process works from the customer’s perspective.

Step 1: Create a New RFQ


Your customer created a new RFQ in their Aligni parts database, selected parts for the RFQ, set their required quantities, and added you as a supplier to receive the RFQ.

They may have added other vendors to the RFQ as well.  Those vendors will receive separate RFQs.

Step 2: Email RFQ to Vendors


After selecting all the parts and entering quantities, your customer instructed Aligni to email the RFQ link to you.

The link you received from Aligni is unique to you – other vendors on this RFQ cannot see your quote, your response, or even know that you were sent the quote.  (unless your mutual customer told them, of course)

Step 3: Vendor Responses


Click on the link in the email you received and you will be taken to a one-page form at Aligni where you can view the RFQ and enter your responses.

Step 4: Availability of Quotes


This is one of the greatest benefits of ActiveQuote to your customer.  Instead of quotes randomly scattered in hundreds of emails, they are all tucked away nicely with the parts in their database so they can see them any time they want, where they’re needed.

Aligni automatically incorporates your quotes into the costing process, too, and conveniently displays them when creating a purchase order.

Common Questions

Do I Need an Account?

Nope.  You won’t need an account to view and respond to RFQs.  Aligni creates a long, unique URL and includes it in the email notification.  Just click that link and you can view and edit your response.

Who Can See My Quote?

Your response to your customer’s RFQ is private.  Only you and the other recipient contacts are able to view the RFQ, enter a response, and submit it back to your customer.  The pricing information is not shared with other customers or with other vendors.

What Happens After I Submit My Quote?

You can save your quote at any time by clicking the “Save” button.  This will update the information in the quote but will not notify your customer that the quote has been submitted.  Your customer can still see your temporary edits, though, if they view the quote in Aligni.

When you’re done, you can submit the quote by clicking the “Send Response” button.  This will save your entries and email a notification to your customer.  Even after submitting, you can make changes to the quote until your customer decides to restrict edits.

Discussing a Quote

Of course, you are free to discuss the quote via email with your customer.  However, it is preferred to carry on this discussion within the quote itself because the commentary remains within the context of the quote for future reference.