Configurations are records of the items and attributes of a piece of equipment at a specific point in time. The logbook tracks changes to the active configuration. Together, they represent the complete history of the equipment throughout it's lifetime.


A Configuration is a representation of the items and attributes of a piece of equipment at a specific point in time. The Active Configuration represents the current state of the equipment. Modifications to this state are applied through logbook entries and recorded. At any time, you can create a snapshot as a record of the state in case you need to refer to it later.

As-Built Configuration

When you create a piece of equipment from a build, Aligni transfers the record of all items on the build to the equipment. Upon completion, Aligni immediately snapshots the configuration as the As-Built Configuration. This stands as a permanent record of the original state of the equipment.


Modifications are how changes to the configuration are coordinated. They are carefully performed through the context of the logbook to assure that a complete record of changes is maintained. To create a new modification, you must first create a draft logbook entry. Add and remove modifications may then be added to the logbook entry. Until the logbook entry is committed, the modifications are not performed on the active configuration and remain in a draft state.

When the logbook entry is committed, all of its modifications are performed on the active configuration. This operation may not be undone. To “undo” modifications, a new logbook entry would need to be created and the reverse modifications applied, then committed.

Creating a Snapshot

If the active configuration has any modifications applied, it means that the active configuration differs from the most recent snapshot. In this case, you can click the Create Snapshot button to create a new snapshot. You can name the snapshot and provide a brief description. Aligni will create a copy of the active configuration and attribute all of the committed logbook entries to the new snapshot.

On the Items tab, you can select any snapshot or the active configuration to view the equipment configuration at that time.

Comparison Tool

A Comparison Tool is available on the Equipment index page to help you visualize the difference between two configurations. Here, you can select and compare configurations on the same equipment or even two different equipment.