BOM Compare

The Part List Comparison Tool lets you easily compare two different part lists or two different part list versions to quickly see exactly what changes have been made.

Two partlists can be compared using the “Compare Partlist” feature from the Part Index.

Click Compare Partlists, and enter two parts from your database, then click Submit. Aligni will compare the two partlists on a part-by-part basis and present the results as shown below. The results are broken down into three sections:

  • Parts only on Part A – These are parts that are only listed on Part A.
  • Parts only on Part B – These are parts that are only listed on Part B.
  • Parts on both lists – These are parts that are listed on both partlists, but differ in some way. They can differ by quantity, designator, or comment.

Note that Aligni does not attempt to parse the designator field, so if the designators have merely been rearranged, Aligni will still list the line as a difference.