A Part Collection is an ordered container of parts available for organizational purposes. You can add multiple parts to a collection and refer to that collection for search or reporting purposes.

To create a new Part Collection, click on your username at the top-right of any page, select the Part Collections tab, then click “Create New Collection”. You may provide a name and optional description for the collection and choose whether you want to share the collection with other users of your site.

Once you’ve created your new collection, you may add parts to it by selecting it as the active Part Cart target.


The items in a collection are may be rearranged by dragging and dropping the items on the part collection details page. The part collections themselves may also be rearranged in the same way from the Part Collection index. This changes the order in which the collections are displayed in drop-down menus.


In addition to part search filtering, part collections are also available for constraining reports to a subset of your part database. For example, when you configure an Inventory Report, you may optionally restrict the report to including only items within a chosen part collection.