Equipment updates are recorded in the logbook with logbook entries that record informational changes as well as configuration changes through modifications.

Logbook Entries

A logbook entry comprises the following:

  • Title and brief description of the change.
  • Optional modifications that change the configuration.
  • Optional attachments for reference.
  • Optional addenda after the entry is committed.


Modifications are an optional part of a logbook entry. With modifications, you can add or remove items from the equipment’s item list. Items removed from the item list are transferred to inventory. Items added to the item list are removed from inventory and added to the item list.


Once a logbook entry is committed, it cannot be changed. This is because the entry may have modifications which perform irreversible changes to the configuration. However, you can still make informational updates and attach new files using addenda. This can be useful to record additional paperwork that may be received after the entry is committed.

Approval Workflow

A logbook entry is initially created as a draft. As a draft, it can be edited, modifications may be added or removed, and attachments may be added or removed.

Once the logbook entry is ready to be committed, it is submitted to reviewers for approval. If the approval request is rejected, the entry reverts back to the draft mode. If the approval request is accepted, the entry can be committed. Edits to the content, modifications, or attachments are allowed during the approval process or after the entry has been approved.