UltraCart (eCommerce)

UltraCart is a full-featured eCommerce solution.

Aligni’s native UltraCart integration enables inventory synchronization when orders are fulfilled through your eCommerce store. When configured, this integration will provide UltraCart a URL where inventory updates may be posted when an order ships. Aligni inventory will be adjusted according to these updates so that your finished goods inventory is always up to date and consistent with your online store.


This integration enables Aligni to receive updates from UltraCart when an order is shipped. These updates can be used to make adjustments to inventory in Aligni, assuring that your inventory records are consistent as orders are shipped.

When an order is shipped, UltraCart will make a request to Aligni that includes several key pieces of information about the order being shipped. Using this information, Aligni will find the corresponding item(s) in your item master and update inventory counts based on the selection criteria you configure in the integration.

If any errors are encountered, an email is sent to your organization’s administrator. Aligni keeps a temporary log of recent UltraCart interactions to help identify and debug any issues.

Aligni Configuration

Configure the UltraCart integration through the API & Integrations menu on your organization’s settings pages. The following options are available:

  • Inventory Location – When specified, Aligni will only make inventory updates to inventory in this location.
  • Inventory Sublocation – When specified, Aligni will only make inventory updates to inventory in this sublocation.
  • Inventory Unit Selection – This option determines how Aligni chooses inventory units to be updated when a request is received.

UltraCart Configuration

Once you have set up the integration in Aligni, you will have a Target URL assigned. This URL is provided to UltraCart in the following steps:

  1. Visit your UltraCart portal and select ConfigurationDevelopmentWebhooks
  2. Create a new webhook.
  3. Copy the URL from Aligni to the Target URL setting in UltraCart.
  4. Under Event Subscriptions, select Order / Order Ship.
  5. Under Expansion Options, add “item”.
  6. Save the new webhook.

Event Logging

Recent events are logged in Aligni and are visible from the integration configuration page. Each log entry includes the full request payload received from UltraCart.

Error Handling

Emails are sent to the organization system administrator if any of the following errors occur. Generally, these are errors that represent some inconsistency in configuration between UltraCart and Aligni and should be resolved as soon as possible to prevent data loss. It is not possible to “re-run” a transaction, so manual updates may be required to resolve these issues.

Unknown Item

When UltraCart posts an item that cannot be found in your Aligni item master, Aligni will send an email with the missing item code. You will need to add this item to your item master to prevent these messages.

Insufficient Inventory

If an UltraCart request requires more inventory to be consumed than is available, Aligni is unable to satisfy the request completely so an error message is sent. A partial consumption of this item may have already been processed.