Online Demo Guide

Our online demo database is populated with a number of parts, assemblies, suppliers, and other data to give you a feel for the product. As with any management application, Aligni is best experienced with "living" data that is added and updated daily. Because of the limitations of the demo environment, some features are not directly usable in the demo.

This page contains some helpful references and notes about the demo database. These notes may help you to best make your way around the demo database and see how we set it up.

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Part Types

Part types in Aligni can be configured however you see fit. We have chosen to setup the demo database with a focus around electronic parts such as CapacitorResistorPCB, and Transistor.

We have also created so-called “non-material” part types to account for costed items such as Test (post-assembly testing) and PCB Assembly (board assembly). Non-material part types are listed on the bill of materials, but are not counted for inventory shortages.

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