Email RFQ to Vendors

Each contact you have selected will receive an email containing a link to view and respond to the RFQ. They may then view the RFQ using a standard web browser and enter their quotes. When they have finished their response, they can submit the results.

When your RFQ is complete and ready to send to vendors, click on Send RFQ in each of the vendor tabs to send a notification email to your vendor contacts. The email will be sent with each contact you select as a carbon copy recipient (cc:). The message subject and body have been filled in with template text, but you can customize this for each vendor as you wish.


Vendor Response Ticket

Each vendor email will include a private vendor response ticket link.  Your vendors can click on this link to view their customized RFQ in Aligni, enter their quote information, and correspond with you regarding the quote.  For each line item, they’ll be able to enter the following information:

  • Quoted price
  • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ / Min)
  • Multiple Order Quantity (Mult)
  • Manufacturer leadtime
  • Current inventory
  • Additional comments

Vendors can also specify an expiration time for the quote and provide a reference number for your records.  When they submit their response to you, you will receive an email notification along with a link to the quote in Aligni to review the response.

Vendor view of an Aligni RFQ

Completing Responses Internally

There may be cases where a vendor is unable to use the Aligni RFQ response form and may submit a quote via email or other method. In these cases, you can complete the response form internally. To do so, your administrator will need to enable the permission “Can view RFQ vendor link“. For more information, please visit Accounts & Administration.