Setup Inventory Locations

Inventory Locations are the physical places where your inventory will exist. They can be on-site locations such as headquarters and warehouses or they could be off-site locations like your contract manufacturer or finished goods distribution.

Inventory Locations

Aligni carefully tracks the position of inventory from the moment it is received into inventory to the moment it is consumed for a build and converted into finished goods.

Before you can work with inventory, you will need to setup at least one inventory location and at least one sublocation as well.


Each inventory location is further organized with sublocations. Sublocations are just subdivisions of an inventory storage location. You can adjust the granularity of each location as you please.

Inventory Summary

Each inventory unit is recorded at a location/sublocation as the inventory summary (visible from every part details page) on the right illustrates.

To make things compact for the inventory summary, the short name is often used on inventory lists.