Aligni supports Markdown syntax so you can add styled formatting to your notes and comments. Markdown is a common markup syntax used in several web applications to generate nicely formatted output from simple text input. It is purely optional, but also rather intuitive.

Markdown Output
**Bold** Markdown-Bold@2x
*Italics* or _Italics_ Markdown-Italics@2x
~~Strikethrough~~ Markdown-Strikethrough@2x

# The largest heading
## The second largest heading
###### The smallest heading

You can add quoted text with a greater-than sign.
> We all are. Act accordingly.

Lists are created with asterisks or hyphens.
* Pink Hearts
* Orange Stars
* Yellow Moons

Ordered lists are created with numbers.
1. Pink Hearts
2. Orange Stars
3. Yellow Moons

Create nested lists by indenting lines with two spaces.
1. Update hardware design.
  1. Update schematics.
    * Don't forget the power system
  1. Update layout.
  1. Transfer BOM to Aligni.
2. Notify assembly house.
  2. Generate an ECO.
  2. Generate an ECN
3. Sell all the product
4. Profit